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Embracing Self-Worth: Letting Go of Unfulfilling Relationships

Have you ever found yourself in relationships, friendships, or family circles where you felt invisible, unappreciated, or unwanted? Have you spent countless nights wondering why you're investing so much of yourself into something that brings you so little in return?... Continue Reading →

Daddy Issues

Understanding how your daddy issues play into your romantic relationships is the most self-aware concept a woman can do for herself.  I never really understood how this affected my romantic relationships until I went to therapy. Most people don't know... Continue Reading →

Conditional Love VS. Unconditional Love

Conditional love and unconditional love are two distinct types of love with different characteristics and implications: Conditional Love: Conditional love is love contingent upon certain conditions or requirements being met by the person receiving the love. In this type of... Continue Reading →

Is Love Starting to be Conditional?

  Several factors can influence the perception of love as becoming more conditional in the dating world: Technology and Dating Apps: The prevalence of dating apps and online platforms can contribute to a more transactional approach to dating. With numerous... Continue Reading →

I’m not in love…YET, but I’m aware!

My brain chemistry has been altered for the last four weeks, and it has been the most refreshing experience ever. You never know when you need fresh air until you get it. Dating, in some aspects, can be the most... Continue Reading →

  I know we haven't had a formal introduction, but I'm Monique, and it's lovely to meet you. We may have hesitated about the meeting, but I wanted an initial link that we would both appreciate. I don't know your... Continue Reading →

It’s More Than A Lie

When people lie to us, we sometimes take it very personally. I think today I figured out why. Some people say little white lies don't hurt, but I beg to differ. Now let us look deeper into this. We don't... Continue Reading →

That One Time…

My life was now consumed with the goodness of positive affirmations and thoughts because every day, he poured in my cup. There was a time when I fell in love, and I didn't even know it. I woke up one... Continue Reading →

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Dear God!

By: Kachelle Kelly Dear God, Wherever my future mate may be in this world, I ask that you cover him with your protection from hurt, harm, and danger. Dispatch your angels to protect him every day. I pray we find... Continue Reading →

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