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Embracing Self-Worth: Letting Go of Unfulfilling Relationships

Have you ever found yourself in relationships, friendships, or family circles where you felt invisible, unappreciated, or unwanted? Have you spent countless nights wondering why you're investing so much of yourself into something that brings you so little in return?... Continue Reading →

Relationships Aren’t for Settling

Settling in relationships refers to accepting a partner or a relationship that falls short of what you truly desire or deserve, often due to fear of being alone, societal pressure, or a belief that you may not find something better.... Continue Reading →

Daddy Issues

Understanding how your daddy issues play into your romantic relationships is the most self-aware concept a woman can do for herself.  I never really understood how this affected my romantic relationships until I went to therapy. Most people don't know... Continue Reading →

I’m not in love…YET, but I’m aware!

My brain chemistry has been altered for the last four weeks, and it has been the most refreshing experience ever. You never know when you need fresh air until you get it. Dating, in some aspects, can be the most... Continue Reading →

It’s More Than A Lie

When people lie to us, we sometimes take it very personally. I think today I figured out why. Some people say little white lies don't hurt, but I beg to differ. Now let us look deeper into this. We don't... Continue Reading →

Getting Back to ME!

Cheers to the next 12 months! Hey Monique! Where you been, girl?? Well, you know I was chilling in this new relationship taking it easy enjoying life. So what's going on now? "Well, my relationship is taking a break, and... Continue Reading →

Did You Even Notice?

Did you even notice the change in my behaviors?Did you even notice the sadness in my eyes?Did you even notice my lack of conversation?Or what about the constant one-word answers?What about the change in my appearance?Didn't that strike you as... Continue Reading →

Dear God!

By: Kachelle Kelly Dear God, Wherever my future mate may be in this world, I ask that you cover him with your protection from hurt, harm, and danger. Dispatch your angels to protect him every day. I pray we find... Continue Reading →

Rock Bottom

Do you know what the bottom looks like? Do you know what losing it all really looks like? It doesn’t look like you think it looks. It’s pretty and held all together. It’s working a 9-5 and two part time... Continue Reading →

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