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This is more than just a story….this is my LIFE!

Everybody’s Happy ain’t your Happy

  Today I sat at my desk and watched a man propose to his girlfriend. It was the sweetest surprise for her. It was staged as a photo shoot for her upcoming graduation that turned into a moment that will... Continue Reading →

Being a parent is much bigger than child support 

"Everyone don't have the mama (or daddy) gene"', said by a dear friend as we spoke about parenting.  Everyone parents different but I think we all can agree that the basic parenting skills include (but not limited to) nurturing, coaching,... Continue Reading →

But before I slide in your DM’s…

Wow...I'm speechless. I'll admit, I wasn't going to read your profile. Yes, I judged you. I said I probably wasn't your type and that you wouldn't respond if I said hello first. So I proceeded to read your profile and... Continue Reading →

It’s Ok to be Single on Valentine’s Day

Well, it's that time of year again, and Cupid has his bow and arrow ready to strike, or does he? Whelp for those who were mistakenly skipped over by the love doctor don't fret its ok to be single on... Continue Reading →

You do know that I’m not an expert Right?

  To that "friend" yes you were the inspiration behind this piece. Lol A few years ago when I decided that I wanted to start blogging it was the something that I was extremely excited about, fan I couldn't wait... Continue Reading →

New Year, Same Me……….Different Rules

It's 2017!!!!! Another year in the books and now it's time to amp things all the way up! 2016 had to be the year of lessons because I truly learned a lot about me. I learned that friends come and... Continue Reading →

Do You Want That Old Thang Back?

Are we back here?   It’s funny how fast we move on from our exes when we break up. Why is that? Maybe because it was a bad break up, or maybe you wanted out and this was just what... Continue Reading →

Your Voice Means MORE!

Today I had a very interesting conversation with my BFF. We were talking about an issue she was having with a guy, and she wanted to express to him why she was in her feelings. So she shot me a... Continue Reading →

I Want to Fall in Love With You Not Your Potential

When I think about being in a relationship, I reflect on the best times we can have together. Fighting 100% for that love that I have always wanted to have. When I fall in love, I want to have the... Continue Reading →

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