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This is more than just a story….this is my LIFE!



I love these about me sections, it's so much you could actually put here but you probably already know me. But hey here goes.....I'm just a pretty brown girl from the south who's thoughts sometimes actually make it to paper. These aren't characters and none of the names or identifying details were changed to protect the privacy of individuals lol. This is me, my life raw, unfiltered and uncut. The journey is definitely worth the ride. Let's Go!!

I’m not in love…YET, but I’m aware!

My brain chemistry has been altered for the last four weeks, and it has been the most refreshing experience ever. You never know when you need fresh air until you get it. Dating, in some aspects, can be the most... Continue Reading →

  I know we haven't had a formal introduction, but I'm Monique, and it's lovely to meet you. We may have hesitated about the meeting, but I wanted an initial link that we would both appreciate. I don't know your... Continue Reading →

Helloooooo 2023!

🗣️ So looooong 2022! So many great things happened this year….. I turned 40 🥂 🎂 My daughter graduated from high school and began her college career. 👩🏽‍🎓 I took a few bets on myself! Cried a few tears, traveled... Continue Reading →

Dear 40,

and for sure, this black ain't cracking.Mo'- I never knew what you would look like when you came. I didn't even know if I would be ready. It seems like 40 was so old when I was 20. Now that... Continue Reading →

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Dear 2021-Hello 2022!

" I wanna start with your mama; she shoulda whooped your ass!"  Dear 2021, I want to first start by saying (in my Summer Walker voice), " I wanna start with your mama; she shoulda whooped your ass!" You came in the... Continue Reading →

It’s More Than A Lie

When people lie to us, we sometimes take it very personally. I think today I figured out why. Some people say little white lies don't hurt, but I beg to differ. Now let us look deeper into this. We don't... Continue Reading →

Getting Back to ME!

Cheers to the next 12 months! Hey Monique! Where you been, girl?? Well, you know I was chilling in this new relationship taking it easy enjoying life. So what's going on now? "Well, my relationship is taking a break, and... Continue Reading →

Did You Even Notice?

Did you even notice the change in my behaviors?Did you even notice the sadness in my eyes?Did you even notice my lack of conversation?Or what about the constant one-word answers?What about the change in my appearance?Didn't that strike you as... Continue Reading →

I Needed this….

I took a break that I deserved more than anything.I took a break because I'm not sure how I would be mentally if I didn't. I realize that I needed a break more than anything else at this moment. I... Continue Reading →

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