You are my Sunshine!!!

One thing about life is it can definitely throw you a curve ball. About two years ago my baby sister learned that her kidneys were not doing their best. She is currently on dialysis and awaiting a kidney transplant. I never ask for much but she's raising money to prepare for her transplant. She is … Continue reading You are my Sunshine!!!



Have you ever felt under a tremendous amount of pressure before? Like literally the weight of the world was sitting in the middle of your chest? Some of us know all too well what that feels like. Some of that pressure says, "How are we going to eat this month?" "How is this light bill … Continue reading Pressure

Love Is…

After watching OWN's new show for the last four weeks, it has me questioning what love is. So as I sit here in my window listening to the rain for the second time today, I've decided to give you what Love is...   Love is... 90's R&B Love is...paging 143, yea way before cell phones … Continue reading Love Is…

But GOD!

You ever sit back and say, “I see you God, I see you working”. Well if you haven’t wait until it happens for you. The reason I say wait is because it makes you see things clearer than you ever did before. For the last two or so months I have said that same line. … Continue reading But GOD!

Rock Bottom

Do you know what the bottom looks like? Do you know what losing it all really looks like? It doesn’t look like you think it looks. It’s pretty and held all together. It’s working a 9-5 and two part time jobs and still not making ends meet. It looks like a lot of sleepless nights … Continue reading Rock Bottom

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2018

Why is so hard to buy gifts for the people we really love? Birthdays and Christmas seem to be easy but Valentine's day is another beast all by itself. For me, it has always been kind of easy because I always like to think outside of the box but lately, I have gotten quite a … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2018

No title needed

Why is it important to men and women to establish some sort of title during their courtship? Many say this helps both parties gain a better understanding of how to handle one another and what the expectations are between the two of them. I call bullshit on all that. Titles is probably the second largest … Continue reading No title needed