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I love these about me sections, it's so much you could actually put here but you probably already know me. But hey here goes.....I'm just a pretty brown girl from the south who's thoughts sometimes actually make it to paper. These aren't characters and none of the names or identifying details were changed to protect the privacy of individuals lol. This is me, my life raw, unfiltered and uncut. The journey is definitely worth the ride. Let's Go!!

That One Time…

My life was now consumed with the goodness of positive affirmations and thoughts because every day, he poured in my cup. There was a time when I fell in love, and I didn't even know it. I woke up one... Continue Reading →

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Don’t Be The Messenger

Remember, everyone internalizes "bad news" differently. It's funny how you can sometimes find yourself on the other side of bad news. You can sometimes be the receiver, or in some cases, you end up being the messenger. In both cases,... Continue Reading →

I Manifested My Future

There were times throughout the last couple of years that I seemingly had what I thought was a rough patch. Everything that I wanted didn't turn out how I wanted it — from school, not being able to concentrate or... Continue Reading →

Dear God!

By: Kachelle Kelly Dear God, Wherever my future mate may be in this world, I ask that you cover him with your protection from hurt, harm, and danger. Dispatch your angels to protect him every day. I pray we find... Continue Reading →

I’m in love with him, but he’s in love with her….

How cliche it is to say that life is funny sometimes. Hell, cause after 37 years here on this earth, I've enjoyed the laughs that life has thrown me. But this experience wasn't the laugh I was looking for you.... Continue Reading →

King, I need YOU!

In today's society, it can be tough to express how we truly feel. I'm not talking about just women, but I'm more than positive men feel the same way. We don't want the delivery of our message misinterpreted, so a... Continue Reading →

I Wanna Do…

I wanna do Sunday football and brunch with you I wanna do lazy Saturdays while you rest your head in lap type shit with you I wanna read books and explore new experiences together I wanna do baecations in every... Continue Reading →

You are my Sunshine!!!

One thing about life is it can definitely throw you a curve ball. About two years ago my baby sister learned that her kidneys were not doing their best. She is currently on dialysis and awaiting a kidney transplant. I... Continue Reading →


Have you ever felt under a tremendous amount of pressure before? Like literally the weight of the world was sitting in the middle of your chest? Some of us know all too well what that feels like. Some of that... Continue Reading →

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