and for sure, this black ain’t cracking.


I never knew what you would look like when you came. I didn’t even know if I would be ready. It seems like 40 was so old when I was 20. Now that you’re here, I welcome you with open arms. They indeed say things change at 40. My bones ache a lil more, this weight hangs on to me a little tighter if I eat wrong, and for sure, this black ain’t cracking.

I had all these expectations of where I would be by now. I’ve crossed some things off my list and others I didn’t. But today, at 40, I’m not even beating myself up about that. I’m giving myself all the grace I deserve and more.

Because at 40, one of my most significant accomplishments is being a mom. So I want to thank the person that saved my life 18 years ago. Kaitlyn has driven me, motivated me, kept me, and most of all made me better! SO no matter what I haven’t accomplished yet, the best is yet to come! I wish myself many more times around the sun as I continue this journey. I am beyond blessed and thankful.

Happy Birthday to ME!