When people lie to us, we sometimes take it very personally. I think today I figured out why. Some people say little white lies don’t hurt, but I beg to differ. Now let us look deeper into this. We don’t care or get bent out of shape when the government lies to us, social media, or even strangers because these people or things don’t have any value to us. They hold no substance in our lives. So when they don’t approve that stimulus or student loan forgiveness, it’s no big deal; we keep moving. However, let’s change the tables; why do those big or little white lies hit us harder than expected? I’ll answer that lol, its when we place our faith and trust in those that we don’t expect to hide the truth from us. 

After hearing a lie told to me, I sat back today and just took a moment to process what was said and what happened. I was so disappointed. My feelings were hurt; why, you ask? Because I trust this person with my whole heart not to do anything to me that would cause me to feel indifferent towards them that they would betray our trust. We put so much faith into man that we forget they will fail us. We forget that being human means that as humans, we will fuck up, and sometimes people we love and trust will fail us, and that’s just life. 

So don’t ever say it was just a little white lie because it was more than a lie it was the fact that you failed the faith and the trust I had in you.