Cheers to the next 12 months!

Hey Monique!

Where you been, girl?? Well, you know I was chilling in this new relationship taking it easy enjoying life. So what’s going on now? “Well, my relationship is taking a break, and I am looking to get back to me.” Get back to you? What does that mean? Ohh, let me tell you…

I’m officially getting back to Monique in a way that I probably never have before. But before that, I want to say that the last year has been eye-opening for me. I learned some things about relationships and myself that I never knew before. I learned the importance of keeping the spice and maintaining the “perfect view .”I learned that men like to be spoiled too (maybe even more than women do), and I also learned the power of saying no. Even though we decided to pause the relationship, I appreciate all of the lessons because there were things that I definitely could learn from and possibly benefit from for myself in the future. So thank you, TC, all is not lost! Cheers to the next 12 months!

However, I’m excited about this next chapter because I have something to prove to ME this time! I have never felt like this before. I’m telling you I learned a lot of lessons; let’s start with the first one,
Appearance. Now I know most of us women won’t admit this, so I will. We get super comfortable in our relationships reasonably quickly. Let me start by saying it’s nothing wrong with that. That means he has created a space where you both can let your guards down, and that is amazing. But I’ll admit, and it’s safe to say sometimes we get there, and we stay there longer than we should. I, for one, am very guilty of this.

I never knew how much our men like to see us dressed up. When I say that, I mean nails, hair, eyelashes, dresses, makeup chile the works! As for me, I’m not used to that by any means. But I get it now; check that under lesson learned. The next lesson learned was that men like to be spoiled just as much as we do. Even though I’m no beginner to gift-giving or surprises, I’ll admit I had to turn it up a notch this time, and it wasn’t all that bad. Lastly, I learned that my comfort zone makes other people uncomfortable. Which solely means I could be complacent and not even know it.

Talk about some lessons learned! However, this indeed opened up my eyes to fix me. It wasn’t an immediate realization, lol, but after a moment or two, I got it, which made me open up my eyes even more. As much as we hate to admit it, ladies, we could be the problem. Not the problem because we cause them but because of the type of men we’ve never dated before.

So here I am, lost in the sauce, finding my way out and excited about falling in love with me again. I’m excited about learning the new me, loving on me in a way that consistently says I’m beautiful and worthy. Getting to the best part of me that knows that I’m at the point in life where everything about me matters. I mean that in the most selfish way. Because I know at that point, I know love will fall right into place.

So here’s to getting back to me!