Did you even notice the change in my behaviors?
Did you even notice the sadness in my eyes?
Did you even notice my lack of conversation?
Or what about the constant one-word answers?
What about the change in my appearance?
Didn’t that strike you as odd?
Did you notice the sudden weight loss?

Do you even see me?

Or did you think I was on my gym shit and eating right?
Did you even notice I haven’t gone out with my friends in weeks?
Or that this bed has a permanent dent where I always seem to lay?
Did you notice the loss in my passion and even the people I love the most, even you?
Did you notice I lost myself so long ago that I don’t even recognize myself in the mirror?
Or the fact that my friends don’t even call anymore?
Tell me if you noticed my constant need to be alone, and the happiness in my voice has left and seemingly never returned?

It’s hard to notice your partner is changing for the worse when you aren’t truly focused on each other.

All I ever wanted you to do was NOTICE!