Lean on each other in both the hard and easy times.

It’s funny how reciprocation is often overlooked in relationships. One person always knows what it looks like, but the other only benefits from it. Even when explained, reciprocation can be viewed as a contest when it’s just giving me what I give you. In the most loving and caring way for your partner.

I need people in relationships to hear me out because some of you might miss this one. When your partner is asking for reciprocation, they are asking for grace, understanding, communication. You know the basics. For example, if I give you extra love and affection while you are sick when I’m sick, I want that same thing. Or when you come home from a long day, and you are ready to vent, and I’m giving you my undivided attention, next week when I tell you how my boss had me fucked up, I want you to listen and be there as I did with you.

While reciprocating in your relationship isn’t hard, it can be easy to overlook because one person may be heavy on the giving end while others are just used to receiving. Sometimes the giver may not know that they are the primary source of what they give out until lack is realized, and you now begin to see what is needed from your partner.

Getting what you need from your partner can be an easy fix. It all starts with clear and honest communication, which means no tension or previous arguments, just a sit-down discussion. Make sure you provide examples and keep your tone calm. You don’t want your message to get lost in translation, and neither one of you understand what the other desires. Next, make sure you have a goal in mind to be both aware of your desires and honestly make sure you get precisely what you want from each other.

Lastly, love each as if your lives depend on it. Love like you see a future with them, because if you don’t, why are you together?