By: Kachelle Kelly

Dear God,

Wherever my future mate may be in this world, I ask that you cover him with your protection from hurt, harm, and danger. Dispatch your angels to protect him every day. I pray we find each other in your perfect timing and not a second too soon. Allow our souls to know each other by confirmation in our spirits. I pray that you heal him entirely from every heartbreak he is currently or has previously experienced, leaving no baggage that would hinder our growth or delay our meeting. And if he is now in a situation that is not pleasing to you or ordained by you, protect him and allow your will to be done. Equip me to deal with whatever residue his trials have left on his life. Cause us to love each other with Agape love. I pray for his friends to be iron, sharpening them to always be better in every area of his life. Bless him with healthy friendships that serve as accountability to him. Wherever he is right now, grant him peace, deepen his relationship with you and draw him closer to you, and when the timing is right, closer to me.


praying woman

Bless his finances and grant him the desires of his heart. Grant him favor on his job or business. Repair any damaged family relationships he may be experiencing. I pray for safety as he travels each day. Cause him to find his purpose in this world and give us the desire to support each other’s purposes. Let our connection be centered around you, and our marriage be a ministry. If so, bless his sons and daughters. Allow me to be an essential part of their lives, a beautiful and effortless connection. Bless my relationship with those children’s mother to be one of harmony and no strife or jealousy. I pray we are not tempted or deceived by counterfeit resemblances of the characteristics we desire in each other. Give us strength and patience to wait on each other. When he gets discouraged and wants to give up on love, encourage him that I am out here. I pray he is actively preparing for me as well and unction he to pray for me as he patiently awaits meeting me too!