In today’s society, it can be tough to express how we truly feel. I’m not talking about just women, but I’m more than positive men feel the same way. We don’t want the delivery of our message misinterpreted, so a lot of times, our feelings and emotions get lost in translation. However, while being unable to express how I feel I don’t think in all of my 37 years on this here earth, I’ve had a black man tell me what he needs or desires from me or even that he needs me (genuinely). Now don’t get me wrong I’ve heard it from several, but at that moment, it probably was just the right thing for him to say given the circumstances. So today, I want to change the narrative so that our Melanated Kings understand how much we need them.
King,…I address you as such because we’ve called you nigga enough, to the point where addressing you as a king seems almost unnatural. So let me start by praising you to the highest as the Egyptian ancestors did. Let me not only appreciate you, but let me show you, King; I need you. I need you in most ways one wouldn’t need you, and in my opinion, I can still be INDEPENDENT and still need you. By doing this, it doesn’t make me weak or even less of a woman, but it allows me to express the placement in each other’s lives that we should cherish.
King, I’ll start by saying I need your presence. Please understand me when I say that this is important because it’s more than you sitting in the same room as me. But I need your presence in our home being a leader to our family. I cannot handle this alone as a single woman.  Our children must see this. So that they understand and know love in it’s purest form — all while showing them that faith without works is dead. In addition to teaching and providing generational wealth that will continue in our family for years to come, see, the black family is almost extinct. Who knew? The families that raised us from the cotton fields to the toughest streets of America are slowly disappearing at an alarming rate. Thus the reason we need you so that we can make Black Families great again.
See King, it’s more than needing your presence, but it’s also about requiring you to understand how powerful in our community you are. That’s not what you hear of very often because society doesn’t want you to know the power that you hold, so I am here to motivate and encourage you to be that pillar that the community so desperately needs. I’m here to inspire you to teach the masses, just like you teach me every day. Because maybe you don’t notice, but I watch you. I watch you daily so that I’ll see how to notice things that you may not openly tell me out of fear of me calling you soft or my lack of understanding — understanding those childhood issues and how they may have affected you. I watch you continue to teach me how to care for you when you may not be able to do so yourself.
King, I need you to understand your mental health and how it affects you.  Because if you don’t get it, then how can you heal and become the best you for us? It’s simple, but the path can be rough, so let’s continue this journey together because King I NEED YOU!