I wanna do Sunday football and brunch with you
I wanna do lazy Saturdays while you rest your head in lap type shit with you
I wanna read books and explore new experiences together
I wanna do baecations in every season with you
I wanna learn from you

I wanna grow with you

I wanna reach financial heights with you, that generational wealth type shit with you
I wanna be the person fit for you not perfect for you but the person that God sees fit for your life
I wanna do hoodrat shit with you, you know hood pictures with slugs type shit
I wanna pray with and for you
I wanna leave the party early with you, cause we didn’t feel like coming in the first place lol
I wanna love jones type love with you

I wanna create young kings and queens with you
I wanna create vows for you to say in front of a few friends and family with you
I wanna nurture and care for you, you that submit type Fantasia shit with you
I wanna do all these things and more things that I can’t even fathom to think of, but as long as I can do them with YOU!