under pressure

Have you ever felt under a tremendous amount of pressure before? Like literally the weight of the world was sitting in the middle of your chest? Some of us know all too well what that feels like. Some of that pressure says, “How are we going to eat this month?” “How is this light bill going to get paid?” or even “Where is the next dollar going to come from?”

That type of pressure plagues us weekly hell almost daily. But one thing I’ve learned about pressure is it either makes you or breaks you. When the pressure continues to expand although there is no space it has to make room some way, pressure teaches you your limits and helps plant your mustard seed faith.

Aside from day to day pressure, we encounter pressure from our parents, our children, and hell even though we may not immediately admit it, but social media is one of the most significant pressures out there. Everyone is trying to live there best life all the while keeping up with the Jones’. Not realizing their best life may not be in the budget right now. Humph talk about pressure.

The pressures of life are more complicated in 2018 versus 1998 because now everyone has something to prove. Everyone wants to one-up the next person. Not knowing that this pressure of upholding these images or façade is a self-inflicted hell you brought on yourself. You’re out here competing with people that don’t even care about you.

The economic, social status of the world today has us living so far beyond our means that we start to believe the foolery that we put out. Only to have this pressure somehow knock us down when we can’t seem to keep up anymore.

Small lesson to someone reading this today only allow pressure to pile on you when you have dialed into your faith. You know that mustard seed faith. You know that I had a praying grandmother type faith. Because when you have tapped into your faith, that pressure will soon be released, because somehow some way God will make it move. You will conquer yet another obstacle; you will walk a little closer to him, your faith will be strengthened just a little bit more than before.

The social standards of a society that you have tried so hard to keep up with won’t matter anymore. Because you have released the pressure.