love is

After watching OWN’s new show for the last four weeks, it has me questioning what love is. So as I sit here in my window listening to the rain for the second time today, I’ve decided to give you what Love is…


Love is…
90’s R&B

Love is…paging 143, yea way before cell phones

Love is…
holding the phone just to hear him breathe because you ran out of things to discuss.

Love is…falling asleep on the phone just to feel closer to him.

Love is…writing down every emotion I ever felt for him and knowing he wouldn’t judge me.

Love is…being vulnerable to him because not only does he allow me to feel so comfortable doing so but he’s susceptible to me too. Hell, it shocked me.

Love is…keeping my mouth closed cause I know he gets tired of my overly opinionated ass.

Love is…watching him sleep right under my breast like a small child cause he looks like he is at peace.

Love is…accepting the things he’s willing to change and the things he’s not hell I don’t wanna change a light bulb sometimes gotta start somewhere.

Love is…being confident in myself. Because the more confident I am in me, the more he falls in love with me.

Love is…knowing when to let my past go and not making him suffer from it.

Love is…knowing that I can’t make up for the hurt he has endured, but I can love him past it.

Love is…like my great grandparents over 30 years of love.

Love is…working past the pain and giving it what you never thought you had.

Love is…the perfect example you can ever set for your kids and grandkids.

Love is…what you make it and not what social media defines as #relationshipgoals.

Love is…the most nostalgic feeling that I never want to leave.

Love is…