You ever sit back and say, “I see you God, I see you working”. Well if you haven’t wait until it happens for you. The reason I say wait is because it makes you see things clearer than you ever did before. For the last two or so months I have said that same line. I’ve said it with a smile and I’ve said it with tears in my eyes. God has placed small reminders in my life for me to understand that I was built for the things that I am praying for, even when I think I’m not. So it’s good to know that even when I have given up or have allowed roadblocks to get in my way he’s still helping me understand the road won’t be easy but the goal is obtainable!

I call these But God moments! But God moments allow you to tell people your testimony of your unwavering faith. But God moments allow you to shout and give praise because he’s worthy of the highest praise. But God moments allow you to see your dreams and understand that no matter the circumstances God won’t give up on you. They say faith without works is dead, and oh yes that is very true. So even when I have my But God moments, I know that my praise must continue through good or bad.

What God has for me no one could ever take that away but now I know that the fire has to remain in my belly even when my back is against the wall. He gets excited when we are working. He gets excited when we allow our passion to inspire us and our roadblocks are used as fuel to keep the fire going. I want to encourage everyone who has encountered any stumbling blocks, roadblocks or bumps in the road to keep going. Continue the fight. Your dreams are nothing without the fuel you have on the inside to keep them going.

No matter what happens keep going you will get through it. No matter if it looks like it can’t happen pray and try God anyway because your breakthrough and your But God moment is right around the corner, and you deserve all that God has just for you!