Do you know what the bottom looks like? Do you know what losing it all really looks like? It doesn’t look like you think it looks. It’s pretty and held all together. It’s working a 9-5 and two part time jobs and still not making ends meet. It looks like a lot of sleepless nights and prayers in your prayer closet. It looks like you will do just about anything just to keep the lights on or make sure your kids will have the things they need and even what they want.

It looks like me. It looks like I lost a great job and have been struggling with two part time jobs ever since. It looks like robbing Peter to pay Paul just to keep the water and the lights on. It looks like a humbling experience but you’re just waiting on your breakthrough. It looks like you want to give up but the person that depends on you the most will suffer. I believe it may even look like you.

But no matter what it may look like now I’m a firm believer in not looking like what I been through. Not matter what you think rock bottom is or how it may look to you the most amazing part to this is your breakthrough. Its when your wavering faith is steadfast and unmovable. They say I had a praying grandmother, well what they didn’t know is her granddaughter can pray too. So those hard times yea I prayed about that, those bills that don’t stop coming, yep those made the prayer list too. So guess what, its already done!

So no matter how low you hit rock bottom the key to it all is knowing you won’t be there for long. But be appreciative of the lesson that was taught and use the skills from that lesson to never hit rock bottom again!