Why is so hard to buy gifts for the people we really love? Birthdays and Christmas seem to be easy but Valentine’s day is another beast all by itself. For me, it has always been kind of easy because I always like to think outside of the box but lately, I have gotten quite a few emails from men and women who are totally confused about what to do for their mates this Valentine’s Day. Most say they don’t want to do the typical flowers, candy, bears and edible arrangements. They want to do something thoughtful, creative and of course sexy. So I tapped into my creative gift giving side and decided to share a few tips with everyone for this year’s festivities. I also sat down and spoke with a few of my male and female friends and discussed ideas that we all could agree were creative, thoughtful and sexy. Here are just a few of the gifts that we thought your mate would really enjoy this Valentine’s day.

1. His and her Spa Day (if you are local to the Augusta area try http://tuscanyclassicspa.com)

2. Invest in his/her business Venture (Pay for a class they may need or LLC Certificate)

3. Gym Attire and Membership for both (If weight loss is a goal for him/her then make it a joint effort with a prize for the both of you once you reach your goals)

4. Cooking class (instead of typical dinner plans)

5. Random Road trip (a place neither of you has been. Go be a tourist together.)

6. Burlesque or Boudoir Photo Session (Try @lovenotesboudoir on Instagram)

7. Salsa Dancing

8. Gift basket of their favorite personal items (cigars, lip gloss, Hennessy, beard or body wash etc.)

9. Concert or game tickets

10. Picnic (in or outdoors if the weather permits)

11. Trip to a Vineyard or Beer Brewery (if you are local to the Augusta area try Riverwatch Brewery)

12. Handmade Coupon Book filled with a few enticing and sexy treats.

13. Purchase Stock in their Favorite Company

14. Scavenger Hunt with a hot and steamy ending

15. Flowers (because who doesn’t want flowers. Hell guys like them too!)

16. Memory Box (full of exciting memories you have captured over the years)

17. Self-help/Motivational Books

18. Organizational Supplies (Journals, planners, etc.)

19. Couples Retreat

20. Proposal! (Hey fellas why not?!!)

Keep in mind just because some of these gifts seem traditional they really aren’t. For instance, the his and her spa day, even though that is typically something that we would probably do together you could try a different spa, treatments, i.e. mud baths, couples massages, body scrubs, facials hey you could even make a whole day of it. These ideas will not only make you think about what your mate likes or enjoys but it will show them that you care about the well being and upkeep of their personal health/hygiene.

Don’t be so quick to think your mate may not like these gifts. 7 out of 10 males said they would prefer something creative, that their mate really put some thought and effort into.  Remember this is key, because it’s so easy to just run into the mall spend a frivolous amount of money on a gift you think they may like or something that you want them to have. Remember your effort makes you more attractive and sexy. Although some of these ideas may not be ideal for everyone, but with the right thought and effort they can make this your best Valentine’s Day yet!

All in all, if nothing else keep it simple. Remember you and the entire city will be celebrating the same holiday on the same night. So if you don’t have reservations or can’t make reservations, dinner at home, a personal in-home chef or that cooking class will be ideal. The key to it all is making sure you are actively listening to your partner. Maybe there was a gift you missed out on Christmas, this is the perfect time to make it up. Just don’t wait until the last minute to make a lasting impression on the one that you love!