No title needed

Why is it important to men and women to establish some sort of title during their courtship? Many say this helps both parties gain a better understanding of how to handle one another and what the expectations are between the two of them.

I call bullshit on all that.

Titles is probably the second largest relationship killer aside from social media. My reasoning for speaking so openly about the subject is because I recently came to the end of my three year On and off situationship and found myself in tears. Not because he hurt or mislead me but because I didn’t just live in and enjoy the moment.

From the very moment he told me that we didn’t require or need any titles my brain went into overdrive thinking, “Why not?” I mean we already did everything together. We were both very honest about our expectations and we both agreed to be monogamous so why did this title need to be added, like a stamp of approval? Hell until this day I still don’t know.

I don’t know if it’s because we are so eager to seek validation from others or to prove to them we are in a relationship and very happy. Seems like just another check mark on the long list of things that truly don’t matter. It’s a shame that we allow these things to interfere with what can potentially be our forever.

Likes and followers along with proving our lives to ppl that we don’t know or even care about have truly brainwashed us without even knowing it. When was the last time you did something dope and didn’t tweet, snap, instagram or Facebook about it? How did you feel? Did it make you feel any less deserving of that moment because you didn’t choose to share it with your followers? Nah fam it prob didn’t.

I say all that to say live your truth, live in the moment and don’t let society define your life. Because I did and now that he’s moved on I’m still stuck waiting on a title.


2 thoughts on “No title needed

  1. That’s deep. I’ve never even thought about titles like that. Come to think of it I remember when I would introduce a friend, partner, someone who I was dating to family and friends and I would notice the feeling of a little confusion not knowing exactly what to say as far as a title for that person who I was dating. And what would’ve been easier is if I would have just said “hey everyone, this is Lita”or “Tiffany” or “Karla”. Whatever the person’s name was.

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