I miss our love

That 2010 love
That new and fresh love
That I never did this before love
That feeling you just never felt before love

I miss that love when you knew it was real
When I never second-guessed for one min how you felt love
When the clubs and bars didn’t matter cause being at home with you was all I needed love
Yea I miss that love

I miss that love when every Sunday was family day
When we never had it all, but we had enough, and that was enough, love
I miss that love that was genuinely special and sweet, love

Who knew loving a girl would feel like this, love.

But when Love is immature, underdeveloped and insecure it’s hard to mature because doubt starts to fester and grow.
When friends become jealous and discouraging it makes it hard to see why I fell in love with you love
Then we both end up losing out reminiscing and missing our love.