D.C. for the Culture!

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I recently went to visit my best friend who moved to Washington D.C., and this trip turned out to be more than I expected it to be. I had no expectations, all I wanted to do was have a fun worry-free, kid-free weekend but I got that and much more. Even though I had traveled outside Augusta many times before I never had the opportunity to appreciate some of the cities and their diverse culture because I already had an agenda upon arriving (concerts, baecations, or family/friend trips).

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So this time was entirely different I had a tour guide and a clear plan! Even though she was new to the area as well, we were just going to take the city by storm and run with it, and that’s exactly what we did! It’s amazing how much other cities have to offer and how the culture is It’s different from the south. For starters, northerners walk EVERYWHERE! Which is funny to me because I wasn’t ready. Even tho I had my sneakers on I realized I was truly out of shape. But I wanted to see what the city had to offer, and here’s goes nothing.

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Boutiques, shops, Howard University, bakeries, bars, pet parks, the Metro, bicycles, basketball courts, take out, ubers, Brunch, Happy Hour, Pro Black, Anti-Trump, Night Life, should I go on??!!! My eyes were lit up like a kid on Christmas. Not because I was in a new place but because culture this city catered to every aspect of my life. It screamed opportunities, fun, new experiences and a chance to live out my wildest dreams.

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It’s funny because being from the south people are so quick to say what areas are dangerous and where you shouldn’t live or visit. But isn’t that everywhere? It’s a hood and ghetto in every city. It’s an MLK Dr. St. Rd everywhere we go, but is that why we’re here? No, but hey let the naysayers have their word…

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With that said whenever you take the time to visit a new city this year don’t just go to the popular monuments or well know sightseeing sites, you would usually visit. Stumble upon the locations that make your heart melt, that you don’t hear about every day but swipe across on an Instagram post or in your Twitter feed. Take the train or maybe even walk a few blocks you never know how much you will appreciate a new city until you explore the ins and outs of its culture. So until next time D.C. Thanks, you owe me nothing!


2 thoughts on “D.C. for the Culture!

  1. Great read Mo! Thanks for sharing your visit and your insight. Life is an adventure and we all have a tendency to experience it from our comfortable and ordinary habits and never cross those boundaries! I’m glad you stepped out of your normal vacation etiquette and allowed yourself to enjoy some NORTHERN CULTURAL LIFESTYLES . So when are you relocating to D.C.😉

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