red lips

It’s funny that I find myself here. When I was younger, my mom and dad used always to say your mouth is going to get you in a whole lot of trouble. I was aware of what they were saying, but I never knew to what extent. I was always told as a kid to speak my mind, don’t ever be afraid to say how you feel. But as a child, they call you grown, and these were the same people telling me to speak my mind, now I’m confused. As I grew older, I knew my personality was one of a kind. I knew that I could say the most beautiful things that anyone would possibly want to hear, and I also knew that I could tear you down in 0.5 seconds with that same tongue. Whew, how did we get here?
As an adult, I’ve had to learn how to filter my thoughts, “think before I speak.” But that doesn’t always sit well with me. Each time this happens when my tone is forced to change, and my thoughts are flooded with water it feels like I’m losing a piece of Mo like I’m not true to myself. So now I think, is my mouth my lethal weapon? Is this thing I’m walking around with on my beautiful face deadly? No way! I honestly don’t believe that, but in all actuality it is. This assault rifle carries a whole lot of power. It’s cutthroat and even deadly lol.
Although this may how some truth, this isn’t how I want to carry this loaded weapon. I want this weapon to spit fire for the positivity of women and children all over. I want to use this to tell the story of the black women, the single black mother, and the entrepreneur. Hell, I’m ready to talk about me! So now as I sit at the table creating this plan to take the next step in my journey, I look back and say thank you to those that know my heart and smile. Just knowing that this lethal weapon doesn’t carry half the power as the love for people that my heart does. I’m work in progress, and the next time you will see this assault rifle it will be firing off rounds in the most productive way possible.

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