“Everyone don’t have the mama (or daddy) gene”‘, said by a dear friend as we spoke about parenting.  Everyone parents different but I think we all can agree that the basic parenting skills include (but not limited to) nurturing, coaching, developing, praying, providing and loving. It’s bigger than just child support! It’s breaking the chains of adversity and showing our young black kings a queens a better way. It’s late night homework sessions, running across town to two different practices 5 times a week, it’s making a $1 out of $0.15, and a gourmet meal out of roman noodles and ground beef. It’s about their first steps, their first tooth, their first boyfriend/girlfriend, their first dance even the first time they get their hearts broken. 
Until you have done that and then some your financial support truly means nothing. Until you’ve curled up in a hospital bed and prayed over your sick child your child support ain’t really no support. Understand this, children don’t forget how you treated them. They remember every time you said you would but didn’t, every time your said you would get that toy and never showed up, and every “first” that you missed. At this point you have failed at breaking the cycle, instead you have given them yet another scar that they will carry for the rest of their lives. 
So next time you see that deduction, write that check or drop off that money ask yourself does your child deserve your time or your money? 
Because being a parent is much bigger than child support.