Well, it’s that time of year again, and Cupid has his bow and arrow ready to strike, or does he? Whelp for those who were mistakenly skipped over by the love doctor don’t fret its ok to be single on Valentine’s Day.

It’s funny that we are somehow very comfortable being single throughout the year, but when February 14th comes, we are all in our feels about nothing. I’m single, and I am so totally ok with it. I’ve been single for three years, and each year it’s just another day that I get to love myself and my daughter just a little more.

We as adults (men and women) seem always to let the hype of these superficial holidays get us in the wrong frame of mind. It’s more than buying and receiving gifts. Love is a bond that should be shared and celebrated daily, and it takes more than Valentine’s day to express your feelings for someone. When you celebrate your love throughout the year today is just a drop in the bucket for you and your love.

My heart goes out to some people because their only concern is not what they received but what other people thought about what they received. Having flowers and gifts sent to your job for bragging rights? You can’t be serious. Only to get home and you’re not even sleeping in the same bed. We have to get out that frame of mind of pleasing those that don’t matter. Some of us would rather receive gifts at our jobs just so our friends and coworkers can see rather than come home to a bill paid up four months, a clean house and home cooked meal or anything. We just want something to show off in front of people who don’t even wish us well.

Being in a loving relationship means loving that person in public and in private. It’s not about what you do for them but the gratitude that you show and your appreciation towards them. If you can’t do this without an audience then being single for now is the best option for you.

Being single during the holidays allows you to refocus on things that are more important. Yourself, your family and even your career. So take this day not to sulk or count other’s blessings but to love you more, love your kids and relatives more and when that particular person comes you will be more than ready to share your love with them.