To that “friend” yes you were the inspiration behind this piece. Lol

A few years ago when I decided that I wanted to start blogging it was the something that I was extremely excited about, fan I couldn’t wait to see where it would take me. Over the course of a year, it has been nothing short of amazing. I saw the numbers go up and down, I’d gotten positive and negative feedback, and hell I’ve even had writer’s block a few times, but nonetheless, I’ve enjoyed this experience.

As I continue to grow and gain more readers each and every day, I want to take the time to thank those who continuously support me on this adventure. But one thing that I want to express openly is I am not a relationship expert by any means. I mean hell I’m not even in a successful relationship at the time. All of my writings come from my personal experiences, and I honestly don’t even mind giving my two cents.

Now that that’s all out the way they reason I gave that disclaimer was that I was told, “Why are you doing this?, When did you become an expert on the subject?” I was shocked; I couldn’t believe the feedback that I was getting. It left me upset and confused. I didn’t write for months. Until one day one of my faithful readers texted me and said, “I haven’t read anything from you in a while, what’s wrong with you?” After reading that text I realized no I didn’t study about relationships in college, nor did I have a degree in the related field, and hell I don’t even have a man, but there are a few people out there that want to hear what I have to say.

I even looked at little deeper and thought, well Rob Hill Sr. isn’t an expert, neither is Tony Gaskins or Steve Harvey and people love to hear what they have to say. I have even read both Steve Harvey and Rob Hill Sr’s books, and they give great words of advice and most importantly at the end of the day they are doing something that they love.

So moving forward I realized that this was something that I loved doing, people were reading my blog, and the numbers definitely didn’t lie. So to the naysayers, I thank you for your words of encouragement because expert or not I’m doing something I love that will possibly one day generate revenue and feed my daughter, can you say the same?