It’s 2017!!!!!

Another year in the books and now it’s time to amp things all the way up! 2016 had to be the year of lessons because I truly learned a lot about me. I learned that friends come and go and those old relationships just aren’t worth holding on to. So now that 2017 is in high gear its time to shake things up a little bit.

Same me! And guess what that’s not a bad thing. With time and experience comes growth, FACT! However, I like the present me. The present me understands these mid-thirties growing pains that I’m going through, the present me is aware of my passion and what I want from my career, but what the current me really understands is that Love don’t Love nobody. So with that said I’m sticking to the 35 me cause the 35 me is a lot less reckless, more loving, not taking any mess from past or present loves and yes by the way I’m still woke lol.

Sometimes you have to change the rules in the game of life. None of us are experts, and what worked for you probably won’t work for me. So yes, it’s going to be a switch up, and some of you might not like it. Change is necessary and what better time than right now. I can agree that when it comes to my passion, my career, and my love life I have stuck with the same rules. I have allowed my passion to come second to my career and I have let love remain in the driver’s seat while I rode shotgun. NOT THIS YEAR.

Different year different rules. This time around I’m not afraid to take any chances with my passion. I’m not scared but aware of the criticism or the negative feedback that may come with it. I’m ready to learn the most I can to be the best that I have ever been before. Pushing myself like never before, until my late nights turn into early mornings and my dreams become my reality.

I even decided to let love take the passenger seat this time. Why you ask because now I’ve realized I can give the right man control without losing myself. I can set the bar right where I want it and still get what I deserve. I can compromise and still win. I can be courted like I deserve/desire because yes good men do exist. All in all, I’ve realized that every man can’t be my true love, someone has to be the lesson cause yes I’m still learning.

So here’s to 2017, new year same me…………….different rules.