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No title needed

Why is it important to men and women to establish some sort of title during their courtship? Many say this helps both parties gain a better understanding of how to handle one another and what the expectations are between the... Continue Reading →

I Miss Our Love 

I miss our love That 2010 love That new and fresh love That I never did this before love That feeling you just never felt before love I miss that love when you knew it was real When I never... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Want to be That Girl…

I don't want to be that girl that second guesses love. I don't want to be that girl that thinks, "Men ain't shit." I don't want to be that girl that misses out on love because I'm afraid to trust.... Continue Reading →

D.C. for the Culture!

I recently went to visit my best friend who moved to Washington D.C., and this trip turned out to be more than I expected it to be. I had no expectations, all I wanted to do was have a fun... Continue Reading →

My Lethal Weapon

It’s funny that I find myself here. When I was younger, my mom and dad used always to say your mouth is going to get you in a whole lot of trouble. I was aware of what they were saying,... Continue Reading →

Now I Know

Sometimes it takes a while before you truly know what you desire and deserve from a man or woman. It takes a couple of bad decisions, broken hearts, a few tears and even a few setbacks, but at some point... Continue Reading →

Everybody’s Happy ain’t your Happy

  Today I sat at my desk and watched a man propose to his girlfriend. It was the sweetest surprise for her. It was staged as a photo shoot for her upcoming graduation that turned into a moment that will... Continue Reading →

Being a parent is much bigger than child support 

"Everyone don't have the mama (or daddy) gene"', said by a dear friend as we spoke about parenting.  Everyone parents different but I think we all can agree that the basic parenting skills include (but not limited to) nurturing, coaching,... Continue Reading →

But before I slide in your DM’s…

Wow...I'm speechless. I'll admit, I wasn't going to read your profile. Yes, I judged you. I said I probably wasn't your type and that you wouldn't respond if I said hello first. So I proceeded to read your profile and... Continue Reading →

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