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Are we back here?


It’s funny how fast we move on from our exes when we break up. Why is that? Maybe because it was a bad break up, or maybe you wanted out and this was just what you need to get your life back. It sucks to say, but we have all been there before. We have stayed when we shouldn’t have. We have suffered emotional and sometimes even physical abuse and the breakup was needed just to be free.

Bad breakups can leave you feeling one of two ways, relieved and ready to move forward or sad and not sure where you stand. Either way, your emotions are in a state of shock, and you’re probably at odds with them.

However, there may come a time when you realize you just weren’t that mature to deal with each other back then, and now that some time has passed you may want to give it another try. Could this work? Maybe he/she grew up hey they might have lost or gained some weight, hit the gym, and they’re looking better than ever. You might even be missing them a little.

So the question lies do you want that old thang back? Do you? Let me tell you something I have backtracked a few times and it wasn’t in my best interest, there were other times that I went back and the second go round was fun, but it still didn’t work. But what’s the harm in wanting that old thing back? I mean hey its familiar, you don’t have to learn that person all over again, and at some point, you enjoyed each other.

Hooking back up with your ex isn’t a bad thing especially if have grown up and matured. Love is hard and sometimes people come in our lives when what we want is unknown, and to meet their needs would be impossible. Like 2Pac said, “If you love something let it go. If it comes back to you, it’s yours. If it doesn’t, it never was.”

Just be honest with yourself and them. Once the two of you have had a few conversations, and you can’t hear or see any growth, haul ass in the opposite direction. Time is something you can never get back. Why let someone who clearly has a bad track record waste any more of your time. But on the other hand, if growth is present, and consistency is regularly displayed hey give them the chance to prove it’s worth a second ride and get that old thang back.

Hey, I’m considering it as I type this.


Kisses to you!