Whether we want to admit it or not sex is a major part of every relationship. It’s a different type of connection that engages couples in the most intimate way imaginable. Sex is one of the subjects that people aren’t afraid to touch anymore, and the demands are at an all-time high.

I’ve always heard from men and women that men always want or think about it more but, as the years have changed women are more in tune with their sexuality. We are throwing out the sexual demands more than the fellas. After speaking to some of my male counterparts, they informed me that a few rounds could happen, two tops. They also expressed that they like to be in control, but women are taking control in the bedroom too! However, I’ve talked to a few women who have several concerns when it comes to the time frame of the excitement they are or aren’t receiving in the bedroom.

Which brings up the question; what do you do when the package isn’t fully loaded? There are a few characteristics women say can determine if the package is “fully loaded.” Those include body weight, overall stamina, oral capabilities and of course the size of the boat! 15 out of 20 women say size matter. Those sizes range from 6’-12’. Now let’s be very clear these characteristics could also go for women. We are very much aware that men look for almost the same things in us as well. But hey we brought it up first so deal with it lol.
All of these are not needed to make sex pleasurable, but one or two of them can make or break the entire experience that’s stamina and size. Google defines stamina as the ability to sustain prolonged physical or mental effort. Being out of shape contributes heavily to stamina. That may include not being able to engage for long periods of time or not being able to continue after one round. But what if your partner only lasts for about 3-4 minutes? The size was great, you’re physically attracted to him, his oral was on point but after about 5 minutes it’s over. What do you do?

There are just a few simple solutions for a couple experiencing stamina concerns in the bedroom. These may work for you so make sure you at least give them a try. First, set the tone for the evening. Be creative! Light a few candles give the area a nice aroma. Began with four play. Foreplay ignites the excitement. It’s like the appetizer before the main course. The main key is to make sure you are fully engaged. Step outside of your comfort zone and focus on satisfying your partner. Blindfold them and feed them fruits. Maybe even a strip tease just to get things started in the right direction. Once you have eased into the next phase make sure you relax, take your time, explore and learn each other there’s no rush. If you feel like things are moving too fast and it’s about to be over soon change positions, all the while communicating with your partner. Talking erotically to them reminding them that you are here and hey you’re not going anywhere. There’s no rush! In the midst of changing positions change locations. Change rooms, add a chair or hey maybe even a table. Position/room change will take your 3-5 mins to at least 20-30.
Finally, if this doesn’t help there may be some other underlying issues that the two of you may want to sit down and discuss together. But if you love them, and you want to make it work to create a sexual experience that you both can enjoy each time. You don’t want to potentially lose someone you care about because they haven’t been exposed to the many pleasures of a great sexual experience.

So spice it up and put some fire in it, because not all packages come fully loaded.