no validation needed


Sigh…………2016 Hey girl, you have been a beast. It’s funny because I just knew when we started this journey things were going to be on the up and up. Ha! Who was I fooling? Tell God your plans and watch him laugh. But nevertheless even though totally unpredictable the lesson has been learned.

The biggest lesson for me this year has been being patient and learning that I no longer need the validation of others. Hard to believe? Yea I am the most impatient person ever. I want things to happen right away. Instant gratification some may say I’m somewhat of a brat, I just call it being a daddy’s girl. But the test was all thrown my way this time around, and I must say that I have very proud of myself. I truly have a testimony. This year alone I left a job I enjoyed to pursue a career in a field I had no interest in. I job hopped and went on numerous interviews.

But I never gave up.

Just when I was ready to throw in the towel God wasn’t finished with me just yet. Talk about a humbling eight months. But consistent prayer and faith led me to a job that I have been applying for the last three years and been on eight interviews for this year alone. Ain’t God good??!! But I see now that I wasn’t ready for this blessing back then. I didn’t know how to appreciate this blessing because the ones that he gave me before I just threw to the side without any gratitude. Smh yeah, I did that. But don’t you just love when God humbles and prepares you for the bigger blessing. He will take you through that storm so that you can appreciate the sunshine on the other side.

Which brings me to my next hurdle, friendships. Whew………. this has been one of those rip the band-aid off moments for me and up until about 24 days ago it still hurt. It hurt because I value those faithful people who have just been through the struggle with me, shared tons of fun, and some of the best memories yet. What a hard pill to swallow. You never know how the end of friendship can bring bigger pictures to the forefront. That bigger picture is clear, EVERYONE AIN’T YOUR FRIEND.

When I started this blog and the idea of my podcast, I fully depended on my friends to hype me up about something that I already had a passion for. I depended on them to truly love my work and support me 100%. What a mistake! Not only did that not happen, but hell some of them couldn’t care less. But the more they cared less, the more I needed them to validate my passion. I waited on them to give a damn when they shared no interest and wasn’t concerned about the excitement of something so important to me.

Why do we do that? I still don’t have the answer, but all I know is right now at this very moment, I NO longer NEED your VALIDATION. I no longer need you to read my blog because contrary to popular belief it’s doing numbers. I no longer need to share my ideas with you because I know it was a fantastic idea that’s why I shared it with you. I no longer need you to call me and ask me to go out with you, someone who enjoys me appreciate my time and presence. I will cease to wait on you to compliment me because you’re afraid I’ll take your shine humph I already did that.

I now know and understand that I totally kick ass without your validation.