When I take the time to meditate and reflect, I think of my accomplishments, success stories, love and love lost and even more my failures. The accomplishments and success stories are great, because they give you that 5 seconds of fame. It gives time to celebrate and acknowledge everything it took to get to that point. Makes you recognize your strengths, hell even pat your own self on the back. But what about those failures. Those times you didn’t step out on faith, that time you gave up and even said “Fuck it”, or perhaps maybe you didn’t even try. We’ve all been there a time or two but do you leave those failures to die or do you really take something from them.

When I think of those failed relationships, unfinished projects, classes I took and didn’t even try my best I think, “What could I have done differently?” I find myself just writing about the things that really bothered me and the reason being is simply because I want to be much better in that type of situation than before.

So when it comes to meaningful relationships the last one that I was involved in ended  on a bad note. We loved each other so much but didn’t know how to grow in that same space with each other. After that relationship ended I saw how ugly and mean I was. I was extremely vile and ill-tempered. Once I took the time to put my hurt aside about the break up I was able to see how complicated I made it being in a relationship with me. So that’s when I started doing something I had never did before, learning from failures. I knew that I couldn’t expect the next person I was with (male or female) to put up with the way I treated my ex and if I really wanted something healthy I had to put forth the effort to see the error of my ways.

The outcome from that was amazing after learning how to make those changes within myself and some much needed time out of the dating scene my next relationship was definitely a success. So now I’m more aware of how I want to govern myself when it comes to learning from my failures. If it something that I truly think I will encounter again its worth learning from. So the approach is easy, be my worst critic, be raw, and upfront with myself. Find the best solution moving forward and handle it one step at a time. Trust me you won’t make some of the same mistakes you’ve made in the past, that shows growth which means, I’ve Learned from My Failures.