Today started out so simple, yea I never would have guessed it.

Got this random text, nothing special just a “Good Morning” text, yea I never would have guessed it.

Here I am exactly 14 hours and 40 mins later and I still can’t believe the day I’ve had. I’ve been mind fucked in the most beautiful way possible. Hours of stimulating conversation that just flowed, from one subject, one thought, and one vibe. SIGH…………. what a wonderful feeling. Because when I woke up this morning and started with my feet on the floor to clock in to my 12 hour shift, I never would have guessed that this high, the one I’m on right now would even be relevant.


He asked, “What do you smoke?”, I laughed because not only was I high but he was my drug of choice. Now I don’t want to become an addict but this right here, this euphoria, this………….. oh I need this! Every day! Hell and I never would have guessed this.

But you know what I’ll be totally honest I’ve experienced different drugs in my younger days but none quite like him. Let me tell you why,

Because unlike others he’s not asking to see me naked, or when he can sleep with me. Not trying to take my money or dare to even ask that of me. He’s too busy working on that MBA and I’m not talking 2K16, Clemson Alum oh now you see. While I’m spitting these goals and business plans in his ear, he’s being the best cheerleader and motivational speaker I’ve yet to dream about. He takes my mind to places it’s never been all the while saying, “You got this” and asking firmly, “Are you ready to pursue your desires?”

So yes I’ll take this high every chance I get. Because he doesn’t have to be my man to stroke my intellect just a sound voice who talks firm and encourages deep from within.

So yes,

Today started out so simple.

I never would have guessed it.