When it comes to relationships we all want to be happy right? Of course that is the ultimate goal, but let’s say you have had a few failed relationships and you have just began to date again. When is a good time to let the world or better yet social media know about your relationship?? I know some of you may be thinking, “Hell it’s no one’s business about my relationship or who I’m dating.” This may be true but you know how it goes, you’re so happy you just want the world to know. So how long should you be in a committed relationship with your boo or bae before you introduce them to social media?

Well let’s look at it this way a lot of people don’t really want other’s in their personal lives but there are a few of us that like just gotta share that happiness. Some people don’t share pics, posts, or even tell you the person’s names. Those people are just very private for various reasons. To be honest I respect it and I wish I had it in me because I’m just not that way. To be honest I’m the total opposite! I want to scream it from the rooftops.

I guess the reason that people feel that way is because you’ve finally found someone that really makes you happy. You have went out a few times, spent countless hours talking and getting to know one another and you have decided to take things to the next level! How fricking exciting! But by this time you have told your closest friends and family they have even possibly met your children. But how much time has elapsed. One, two maybe three months?

So after one month you have went out a few times, had endless talks over the phone, and went on some pretty exciting dates. By month two you can’t stop thinking about them, you have a routine of text messages and phone calls and hell you’ve probably even had sex at this point. So then month three has come along you’re comfortable with each other and the time has arrived you are ready to let the world know you have a boo! The crazy part to this is A: all your friends already know and these are the majority of the people you are friends with on social media. B: the other people that you are friends with on social media you barely talk to and probably couldn’t give a shit about their opinion, and C: the other half are definitely your haters. So why is this reveal even important?

Listen no matter what anyone says it’s important to express the joys, happiness, and any accomplishments that you have in life. That’s why we share! Our testimony could be exactly what someone needs to keep believing and striving for better! The thing wrong with society is that we don’t take the time to uplift and encourage each other. Don’t ever try to shit on someone’s happiness because you aren’t moving in a positive light.

So hey share it with the world! Don’t overdo it and don’t be petty with the arm pics, back pics, and even covering their face. Because even though you are happy about bae those types of pictures will get you some totally different attention. Because those type of pics means A: he or she isn’t just your bae, B: you are looking for more attention and just want people to ask who they are and C: you really aren’t in a relationship with this person lol. So hey keep it cute, celebrate your happiness and leave the attention seeking for the kids.