Friends how many of us have them? I’m sure we all do, but there comes a time when you unexpectedly “outgrow” your friends. But when this time comes how do you actually move forward with this change? Anyone who knows me knows that I’m big on friendships and my inner circle. I was an only child for 10 years before my brother was born so my friends have always been more than just that, they have been like family. My first friend (Kambra) was like my sister. WE did everything together. We had a bond like no other and 27 years later we’re still the best of friends.
            But as we grow and reach adulthood we hardly ever keep those childhood friends that we thought we would never outgrow. But we grow, evolve, and mature and with those changes comes a mental change that “our” friends may not be on board with. This may cause you to reevaluate your friends or your circle. As funny as it seems some people don’t actually think dead relationships can prevent growth or even block your blessings. Oh but please listen to me they can!
            So let’s look at little into the situation. If you have made positive changes into moving forward and in an upward and onward direction and your support system or your circle doesn’t agree or find your changes necessary, isn’t this going to affect your relationship? For example if you decide that you need to focus more on your religious views and practices and your friends or circle wants to spend most nights partying and hanging out really late but you don’t really like that space anymore, at some point you are going to stop going out unless you go against what you’re really trying to do. Thus the reevaluation will come into play.
           One thing that I have learned is reevaluating your circle doesn’t mean that you lose friends but you definitely change your focus and some of the activities you indulge in. So instead of hanging out late nights partying you will focus more on your current goals and you may not talk to that one person as often but it doesn’t mean you don’t care for them as a friend. You may even make new friends along your journey this also doesn’t replace those you have had history with. If you notice that you can’t seem to keep in touch or hang out that friendship may have just ran its course and you have done all that you can do to salvage it.
           Don’t be afraid to reevaluate some friendships. You may lose some people along the way but that in turn shows you who really supports the moves and strides you’re taking to make your life the most exciting yet!