With Valentine’s Day approaching I find myself asking the question, “Do men really enjoy this holiday as much as women do?” My reasoning for asking is because all I seem to hear is what women want done for them and I all see is delivery’s made to mainly women. I love Valentine’s Day. It a holiday that focuses on your love for someone else. Whether it’s your significant other, your children, grandparents, friends or even your pets. You take this one day just to show your love in abundance more than any other day. I think over the years we have placed a large emphasis on gifts that range anywhere from flowers, to candy, to edible arrangements, to even overly pricey dinner dates. But this just really seems to be things that please the women and break the man’s pockets. So why is it that we don’t shower our men with same love, affection and gifts that we expect from them?

                If you have been in a relationship for at least six months now you should know exactly what your significant other likes and dislikes. So why not send your man flowers or an edible arrangement to his job? Most women only want treatment like this to show their nosey ass coworkers, “Look what my man did for me!” But don’t men deserve the same bragging rights? What about surprising him with gifts all day just to make him feel special? Maybe some candy, a card along gift card to pick up breakfast on his way in to work. Just leave it on the front seat, so when he gets in his car it’s a surprise to him. Don’t you think he deserves at least that? (Some of us might just get up and cook breakfast before he leaves for work, I’m sure he would love that even more!) Men like to be pampered as well. So why not schedule a spa day for the two of you? I can only speak for me but I love surprising my daughter and significant other. I always like to see their faces light up especially when I know they didn’t expect it. Keep in mind ladies men carry the weight of the world on their shoulders and it’s our jobs to lighten their load, show our appreciation and have their backs no matter what. It’s not just happy life happy wife, it’s happy us! Step out of your comfort zone this Valentine’s Day and really surprise your man!