When I say I miss you, like for real I can’t even put into words how much I miss you. For the last two weeks I’ve woke up praying that this was a dream, but it’s not. We should never ask why, but I really want to know, why? Why did this happen? Why were you there? Why didn’t you live? Why you? But all that will remain the mystery and I guess I’ll never know. Damn Nube, I miss you!

          I miss that constant smile on your face, I miss the way you reassured everyone that things would be ok. I miss just knowing I could call you for anything. These tears just won’t stop, damn I miss you. But no matter how much I cry and how much I miss you it will never bring you back.
          So today I promise to always smile, even when it’s hard to because, I know you always had a smile on your face. I promise to just get out and have fun, because you never skipped a beat when it came to enjoying life. I promise to be the best Auntie to your three angels because I couldn’t live knowing they needed anything! I promise to just be happier, pray often, put family first and simply Live Life!

I love you!