As I sit here and reflect on 2015 I must say I never thought I’d be here. Everything started off great which is how it always does. Then things began to shift. But I wonder if I took the time to do the things I said I would do to stay on track would things have ended this way??? Not say that the year is ending terribly, but just not the way I would have liked for it to. But what if I’d taken the time to really take things slow, would my relationship have ended so abruptly? Or would we be in a much better space? If I had taken the time to budget my finances like I planned would I be even more in debt than when the year started? If I had taken the time to commit to my relationship with God, would my faith and bond be a little stronger? 
The answers to these questions are simple and yes if we set out to do the things we said we would do for the betterment and growth of our personal lives then the outcome would be different. But what prohibits us from taking the time needed to do those things? I’ll honestly say for me it’s complacency, unmotivated, defiant and sometimes just down right laziness. But My father told me about two weeks ago, “We think we have forever to get it together, and we really don’t.” Which is true. 
So today I won’t wait to make any resolutions I know I won’t stick to but I’ll just take the time. 
Take the time to pray more

Take the time to put my education first

Take the time to think more of the future when tending to my budget. 

Take the time to just sit on the sofa with my parents on a random Tuesday not just the holidays. 

Take the time now because we don’t have forever to make it right.