I’ve recently found myself in the midst of some conflicting situations lately, and I can’t help but wonder where it all stems from? Friendships and relationships can sometimes be very tricky. One, because as much as we think we know our friends, we never really fully know or understand the people that we share friendships with. We may know what makes them tick and some of their typical reactions to most situations but how likely is it that they will react the same each time? Hardly never! So what is it worth to really salvage the relationship?

We all know that things and people change with time and we do outgrow people but when should you throw in the towel on your friendships? That’s the question I find myself asking. Is it after all these years, because looking back on it you do have history and you have grown through several trials and tribulations so why give up now?  When does it become so hard that you can’t even bare to talk to that person you call your “friend”. It’s sad because the term is used so loosely and some of us will never even know the true meaning of the word.

Friendships like any type of relationship take work as well as an awesome line of communication. The problem lies within our emotions and feelings. When we find ourselves on the end of the spectrum with our feelings hurt we tend to shut down and over analyze the bigger picture. I’m so naive because I never want things to end, I’m obsessed with the thoughts of forever and to me that’s what it’s really worth.  It’s worth hanging on to if you are really vested, it’s worth that talk that you didn’t really want to have, it’s worth those things that you have to get off your chest even if it hurts. Even if it hurts ……………. It’s worth it. We get so caught up in our own feelings we rarely ask ourselves, “Was it worth it?” So before I allow anyone to leave my life I’ll make sure I sit my emotions to the side so I won’t find myself asking  “Was it worth it?”