With the holidays fastly approaching we all are making plans to spend time with our loved ones, all of which include family and significant others. So let’s talk about the hype around your significant other bringing you around their families during

this special time. How do we allow ourselves to let society determine what moments spent are meaningful to us? I’ve heard people ppl say that side chicks don’t get invited to spend the holidays.  Who determines this or your relationship status? Do you know what you and that special someone share to at least know where you stand with each other? If your answer to those questions are unclear then you might find yourself caught up in “The Hype”. What that means is you don’t trust the bond that you and your partner have because you find yourself dwelling on what others have interpreted about matters they have no knowledge of. Relationships are not based on what is being done on these big superficial holidays, it’s about how you make each other feel when the funds are low or when it’s Tuesday April 2nd and he had a bad day at work but you took care of his every need from the moment he walked in the door. How you listened to her day without even turning to ESPN. 

Memories make relationships happy and fun. If we want to have happy and successful relationships we need to focus on making memories with each other. These should be random and full of thought. Give it your best effort, think outside of the box and most of all have fun. At this point you would have defined your own relationship and not have gotten caught up in “The Hype”.