When I say my prayers at night it’s not just a “Thank you Lord for waking me up”, type prayer. It’s more along the lines of thanking Him for my past and current struggles. Thanking Him for peace, discernment and humility. Not to mention family, friends and a good bill of health. Adding to that I also thank him for things being as good as they are because it could be worse.  

As I get to this point my eyes are full of tears and then I think of you. Do you know how many nights I cried praying just for you? Yes you. I didn’t know how you would look, how your smile would brighten my day, how your touch would melt my heart or even just the sound of your voice would make my day but, ironically enough I prayed for you. My prayer was simple but heartfelt. It was gut wrenching but sincere. I asked God to send me someone who understood me, someone who appreciated me just for me, a man who could be just that at all times, a God-fearing man, a man who wasn’t scared to take a chance in life just to accomplish his goals, and lastly a man who wasn’t afraid of love or commitment. 

My prayer stayed consistent day in and day out. The devil sent knock offs my way but I knew it wasn’t real so my prayer continued. Then without warning my prayers were answered. He sent me you. You are the man I prayed for. You are the man that understands me, is able to handle me, motivates and encourages me, God-fearing and ur taking a chance not with love but with me. 

Today I’m thankful. I sit here with tears in my eyes because i don’t know if I deserve all of the happiness that you give me. But despite all of that I feel joy because before I even seen your face I knew u were exactly who and what I prayed for. My heart is a peace because this is what I wanted. 

So going forward my prayer has changed. Now I pray for you as a man. I pray that he continues to give you strength and guide you in his light. I pray that when you feel weak that I’m strong enough to have your back In any situation. I pray that we continue to communicate and confide in each daily. I pray to hold your hand and kiss your head when you think I’m not paying attention to your needs. Lastly I pray that he allows you to reach any and all goals you hope to obtain. 

No matter what happens I know that you were exactly what I prayed for.