I’ve sat down a million different times over the last ten years or so and I’ve mapped out different plans for my life. I write it out, analyze it, weigh the pros and cons, hype myself up about it and I dive in! Everything always starts out perfect then as time goes on I lose momentum, drive, and motivation. Eventually I end up quitting. One more thing that I have failed at. Not because I’m not knowledgable or didn’t have the means but maybe because I was afraid of success. No matter how successful we become we always tend to compare our successes with someone else’s. Knowing that all of our paths are different and the things he has for you aren’t the things that he has for me. So why do we do it anyway. I think for myself I’ve done this so much that I have just about tAlked myself out of anything I’ve ever tried to do. But that ends today. I’m going to put my laziness and my “I’ll do it tomorrow” attitude to rest. I no longer want to be afraid to aspire and dream. My little one thinks I’m amazing and I must continue to set the example for her.